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Unorthodox in every way- We love different

Weworking represents a creative community that delivers unorthodox content through

all streams of media, whilst pioneering the underdogs. 

Weworking are breaking down barriers and opening doors so that we are all working.

Our mission is to change the way content is created thus changing how it is received.

Our Story

We working was founded by our Director Cordell Johnson in 2018 . After spending years of freelancing as a runner going on to become a celebrity videographer, Cordell was able to use all his knowledge and skills attained over the years to launch his company in 2021 specialising in an unorthodox approach to creativity. Today Weworking is a credible creative agency specialising in live streaming, Branded content, Video Production and now a live studio at our head quarters with plenty more up our sleeves .



Meet The Team

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